We need “U” in our “Q”


Here are notes from some of our “U” s….  


From Al and Barbara:

Last year was our first year to show up to help at the BBQ.  Al worked with J.W. Avant helping to park cars the day of the BBQ and with Ken, Suggie, and Paul Christenbury shredding pork and adding spices. He made new friends of them that day and was so impressed with how everything seemed to run so smoothly. 

I worked packing pork BBQ into 1lb containers (called pounding) and another day mixing the Cole Slaw.  The day of the BBQ I worked the tables, filling drinks and BBQ sauce containers and other condiments. I also worked the food line for a couple hours. I also spent so much time just talking to the visitors. I got to know so many church members more personally and found myself being sorry that I did not do it in the past. 

It was hard, tiring, but loads of fun.  I did not hear any complaints from anyone. We both found the  experience to be far above our expectations and are so thankful that we  joined in to help. I suggest if you have not done it before,  just show up and be a part of it. You will find hard work and the payoff high. (It truly will be a blessing.) 

Barb and Al 


From Jay:

The summer of 2012 brought the Cottrell family to Charlotte.  We live in the Mallard Creek area and began visiting nearby churches.  We noticed an unusual sign on Mallard Creek Road, advertising a BBQ event in October.  We paid attention, but believe me—had no idea what that sign represented. 

As God would have it, we ended up visiting and worshipping with MCPC.  We still had NO idea.  Our first BBQ was 2013.

Many churches celebrate revivals of varied descriptions.  But the MCPC BBQ is the most effective singular example of collective evangelism I have seen.  Everyone was involved!!  It is a method of attracting thousands of people on a single day to listen to happy Christian people express their faith and invite customers to join with them.

Sure, we noticed the obvious:  hard working Christian volunteers working hard for days (yes, I know weeks or months for some.)  Yes, I know the product is superb with an A+ reputation in Charlotte and beyond.  But to me the joy of the BBQ was sharing with so many workers, hour after hour, day after day.

 The comraderie among workers was astonishing, the organization from 83 years of experience, the amazing numbers of folks who had been responsible for most of the previous BBQs. 

Congratulations on a remarkable evangelistic event.  Barbara and I are truly thankful to have been invited to participate.

God bless you all,



From Herb:

One of the 1st Sunday’s I attended church, I noticed someone wearing a MallardCreek BBQ shirt. So, after the service I asked about the barbeque and was given a lot of information.

I liked what I heard and since I love to personally grill and believe in helping out where I can, I decided to become involved for the 85th celebrated event.

I didn’t know who to call so in late September I stopped in at the church office and received a phone list and called Ken Christenbury. He gave me further details andI showed up with my own meat cleaver, protective gloves, and apron. What better way to meet and work alongside church members. I was beginning to learn names to associate with faces. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got to meet so many folks. I am looking forward to October 2015!




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