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Please open this pdf to print an order form for the 2023 Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church BBQ


*Please call ahead on Bar-B-Que day (704-547-0038) for orders of 50 or more plates or sandwiches, or large bulk meat/stew orders for pickup at either the WALK-UP TAKE OUT  or via one of our four DRIVE THRU LANES.  You can also purchase sandwiches, drinks and small bulk orders of BBQ, Stew and Slaw at the SANDWICH STAND.

If you’d like, please print out an order form ahead of time and bring it with you to the take-out line.

The 2023 Mallard Creek Barbecue Menu

PlateBarbecue, slaw, applesauce, Brunswick stew $15.00
Sandwich Barbecue on bun with slaw $7.00
Pound of Barbecue $15.00
Quart of Brunswick Stew $15.00
Pint of Brunswick Stew $10.00
Quart of Slaw $5.00
Pint of Slaw $3.00
Soft Drink $1.00

28 thoughts on “Order Form

  1. My husband and I both agree this is the best bbq around! Where can we get it without having to wait for October to roll around? We eagerly wait and even have it marked on our calendar. If if is only available once a year, have you atleast thought about doing this twice a year?

    • Thank you for your support of the BBQ and for your eagerness to visit with us each year. Due to the size of the event and the number of volunteer hours that are needed to bring the BBQ together, it would be close to impossible to have it more than once a year. It’s a special occasion each year and we all look forward to being a part of it.

      We hope to see you next Thursday.

  2. You cannot start the fall season without having Bar-b-que from Mallard Creek. What great memories that have been made eatting at Mallard Creek. Thank you for all the HARD work that goes into making this great.

  3. Every year I get to collect the orders from my co-workers and drive to pick up the Best BBQ ever. I look forward to this every year. I know it is a lot of hard work so thank you for doing it!

  4. I am 56 and have been to the Mallard Creek BBQ ALL of my life, going to eat there as a young kid who was wowed by the loaves of bread simply cut in half and put on the tables that everyone sat at together. First occasion for that for me!
    Love the Brunswick stew the best, but love the idea. My Uncle Dick Rhodes worked the event for years. Best of luck for a great day tomorrow!

  5. My family looks forward to the bbq every year, it is a good time to see old friends and catch up. I will be stocking up on Brunswick stew to last thru winter. Thanks for all the hard work and great food and fellowship.

  6. My boss several years ago used to bring us to the BBQ! He was a member of the church, and a great man! I now work on Mallard Creek right down the street from you. I will be there today in Dr. Norman Sittersons’ memory. I sure do miss him!!

    • Sorry I missed this yesterday… I was at the BBQ site, where indeed we accept MasterCard and VISA in addition to always welcome cash! I hope you were able to join us this year. Be sure to put the fourth Thursday in October on your calendar for next year as well.

  7. I look forward to this BBQ every single year. I spread the word as well. I work for Duke Energy and they always get up a huge order and send someone to get it. It ends up being around $400.00 for everyone’s order. This is certainly the best time of the year due to the weather but also for Oehler’s BBQ………

    • We serve pork barbecue, seasoned with vinegar, salt and peppers. We are perhaps best known for our Brunswick Stew which includes pork, beef and chicken as well as rice, creamed corn, tomatoes, and butter! Hope you’ll be able to join us this Thursday, October 27.

  8. I’m writing to see if I can enjoy your Bar B Que this year. Now that you are wondering what I’m talking about it all depends on your people making the Brunswick Stew this year.
    IF they are putting RICE in the Brunswick stew this year then again you will not get my money and any from many others in my group of Vets . Rice = stretcher = rip off.
    RICE is NOT in any recipe for Brunswick stew except the fake one your people make up every year. So if you once again screw up your Brunswick stew by putting the unthinkable rice in the Brunswick Stew you will once again lose sales from us on the Stew and the Bar B Que.

    • Our Brunswick stew recipe goes back many generations. Like barbecue, stews are very personal and regional in taste and recipe. We are very proud of our stew, and let us assure you that rice is not to stretch the recipe. Remember that stews were intended to be a cost-effective source of nutrition, in their origin. We appreciate your own personal taste, feel free to come enjoy your barbecue. We would love to have you!

  9. I can’t believe anyone complains about the Brunswick Stew made at Mallard Creek, this is the best I have ever tasted and look forward to my gallon for the 27th year. The Bar B Que is awesome also.

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