Volunteer Schedule

Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church 86th Annual Barbecue Work Schedule – 2016
Saturday, October 1 8:00AM until Work Day at the Community House
Contact:  Charles Kimrey, Bill Wood,
Craven Oehler
Wednesday, October 19 1:00PM until Set up Cooking Equipment
Contact:  Donnie Oehler, Bill Wood
Covered Dish Meals Contact:  Pam Beard
Thursday, October 20 10:30AM each day Bring Food to Community House
Friday, October 21 No later than 10:30 daily
Monday, October 24 Please sign up to assist in getting
Tuesday, October 25 meals ready to eat each day
Cook Meat Schedule
Thursday, October 20 6:00AM each day Build fires for the coals
Friday, October 21 Get meat ready to go on cookers
Stay or come to cook the meat
Contact:  Ronnie Oehler, Bill Wood,
Donnie Oehler, Charles Kimrey
10:00 AM each day Chop and season meat
Contact:  Donnie Oehler, Kenneth Christenbury,      Steve Brown
After Lunch “Pounding” the BBQ for sale
Contact:  Becky Wood, Andy Spittle,
Scott Jones
Slaw Schedule Contact:  Holly and Jason Oehler
Saturday, October 22 8:00AM until Prepare slaw
Brunswick Stew Schedule Contact: Rusty and Connie Wallace
Saturday, October 23 After slaw After the slaw has been made, many things
to do around the Communit House to get
ready for Brunswick Stew and BBQ Week
Come whenever you can.  Lots to do!
Sunday, October 24 1:00PM until Wash buckets, set up for cooking
Monday, October 25 2:00AM until Cook meats for Brunswick Stew
5:00AM until Prepare meats for Brunswick Stew
Tuesday, October 26 6:00AM until Start cooking Brunswick Stew
Contact: Rusty and Connie Wallace
7:30AM until Package Stew in containers
Contact:  Sheila DeArmon
NOTE:  Monday and Tuesday are ALL DAY projects, come anytime!
BBQ Week Schedule Contact:  Charles Kimrey, Bill Wood
Wednesday, October 27 4:00 – 7:00PM Get ready for BBQ Day!
Flowers, Tables & Chairs,
Serving Lines, Parking Lot
Hoisting “the Pig”
Thursday, October 28 5:00AM until The 87th Annual BBQ
Come early or come late
8:15AM Group photo in front of Sandwich Stand
After 5:00PM Clean up and tear down
Contact:  James DeArmon, Bill Wood
Charles Kimrey
Community House Phone Number:  704-547-0323
Areas identified that NEED HELP:  Serving Lines, Tables, Take-out, Wash Station – on BBQ Day!!


4 thoughts on “Volunteer Schedule

    • Hey Maury… the 2015 BBQ is coming up in just a few weeks…
      Thursday, October 22, 2015.
      Sorry you missed last year… hope you’ll be able to join us this October!

  1. I worked this BBQ as a child with Pete Tyndall family. Used to even come to the church. I think the family I knew there were ayler’s or untz’s. Something like that. Love to be part of that church family thing again. God is good.

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