Rules of Participation

The following rules and regulations apply to all at the Mallard Creek BBQ:


The Mallard Creek BBQ (MCBBQ) is a private event sponsored by Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church.


The MCBBQ cannot accept any responsibility for property, clothing, or equipment brought onto the Community House or church grounds.


During an event the MCBBQ Co-chairman’s decision on any questions or disputes will be considered the final and official decision of the MCBBQ.

Alcohol consumption:

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted during the Mallard Creek BBQ.  All applicable laws regarding serving and consumption of alcohol must be followed.

Campaign Materials:

Signs may not be placed on the Community House grounds or the right-of-way in front of the Community House grounds.  Campaign buttons, flyers, etc. are allowed; however, no guests shall have campaign materials forced on them.

Campaign Limitations:

We ask that candidates and/or their supporters remain in the campaign area  so that guests may come by for meet-and-greet opportunity.  Capacity limits must be strictly observed. The MCBBQ  reserves the right to turn away candidates and/or their supporters if the assigned space is in danger of being overcrowded.

Inappropriate Behavior:

The MCBBQ reserves the right to ask a guest to leave if his/her behavior is deemed inappropriate or is perceived as a threat to the safety and well being of the MCBBQ.


Media coverage is not guaranteed.  Candidates are free to interview.  However, the MCBBQ will not provide space or consideration for any public speeches.


Charles Kimrey (704-408-6722); Bill Wood (704-756-0943); or Fred Campbell (704-796-7503)

Right to Shut Down Event:

The MCBBQ reserves the right to shut down the event at any time.

6 thoughts on “Rules of Participation

  1. My Family and I are new to the area and we worship in another congregation and were wondering if it was too late to participate. We have read about this event and think this sort of civic event is needed every where.

    • We would be delighted to have you join in!
      Check the “detailed” schedule for some of the activities leading up to the BBQ.
      That will give you a name to ask for when you arrive at the Community House site.
      We’ll look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and your family!

    • We do not have special parking, but do have ample space available.
      It is quite all right to hand out palm cards.
      There is an area for our political candidates to meet and greet our guests…
      Unfortunately, no shade. (so bring a big hat!) We look forward to your participation at the BBQ!

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