Photos from 2015 MCPC Barbecue

Doris, Abby, Susie & Brenda bobbie-misenheimer barbara-kumnick Amber Alexander, A J Barkley, Robin McCraw & Calli Fawcett-unknown caitlin-roy C J  Scott Dave & Lynn crowd craven-o-3 cole-blaine johanne-jaylen jean-kristy-lucy Blaine Kimrey ellen-linda-baker Ed Gulledge linda-edd-2 Lynn Oehler, Linda Apolinar, Vivian Avant Jean Helms Linda Untz larry ronnie Red Pepper Mary Deaton, Pam Beard, Doris Dearmon & Caroline Williams Ned Baker steve Caitlyn Holt slaw-2 rusty Virgina & Lisa Oehler stew stew-2 stew-2-2

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