Vintage Mallard Creek – 1949-50 BBQ footage

The Mallard Creek Bar-B-Que has been a community wide activity for many years.  It draws people from the surrounding area to eat the barbecue and brunswick stew and visit with old and new friends and family.  In 1949, a local family (Julian Family) lived close and always came out to enjoy the day.  One of their sons had recently purchased a 8mm camera and filmed the barbecue both in 1949 and 1950. Upon his death, as the family was cleaning out the old house (which stood across the road from Galloway Road at Mallard Creek Road), they found the original film in a box.  It was given to the Historical Room at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church and has recently been converted to current video format. Even though it has been many years since the original filming, the members of Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church are proud to say that we are still doing it pretty much the same.  Please click on the link and go back in time and visit with us again.


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