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The Annual Mallard Creek Barbecue happens at the old Mallard Creek Community House, on Mallard Creek Road in Charlotte, NC. Here is the address:

Click for full-size map of Barbecue location
11400 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262



Looking for the BBQIf you happen to go by the Church (Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church) on Mallard Creek Church Road, the barbecue is not held there.  We are at the “Community House”.  From the church, go west (away from I85) until you get to the intersection of Mallard Creek Church Road and Mallard Creek Road.  TURN RIGHT and you can’t miss us!

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  1. Attend Freedom House church. I am part of a men’s fellowship Life Group and I am hosting a softball event. I am inquiring about using your facility as the ball field. If this is possible, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate a response at your convenience. Have a blessed day

    My name is Shawn Turner and my phone
    number is 704-577-0385

    • sorry so late in responding. I don’t check this site closely until we get closer to BBQ time.
      I would suggest you contact Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church office directly to make a request to use the ball field or any other facility.

    • Tickets are available on-site the day of the BBQ (NEXT Thursday, October 26, 2017).
      We serve chopped-style pork barbecue, vinegar-based cole slaw, and our great recipe for Brunswick Stew (which includes pork, chicken and beef,) but no ribs.
      Hope you’ll come try us out!

    • all are available the day of the BBQ (next Thursday, October 26). We are not set up for orders in advance of the day.
      Suggest you call ahead (704-547-0323) if you have a large order (25-50 plates for example).
      BBQ is $10 per pound; Brunswick Stew is $10 per quart and the Slaw is $4 per quart. We appreciate your support!

  2. Hi Sandra,

    Not sure if you remember me from our JP days. Hope you are doing well! Mallard Creek BBQ day is my favorite day of the year! Will be there, already have my form ready for the line!

    Take care,

    • please call 704-547-0038 to place a “large” order so we can have it prepared when you arrive.
      Also, there are four take-away drive-thru lines for your convenience.

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