The BBQ in the 1980s

Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church – Barbecue News – 1929-2009

When the Barbecue location moved to the Community House, all of the serving and eating was done inside the large building. The meat and stew were cooked outdoors and prepared in what was known as the “chopping shed”. As the crowds grew larger during the early years, tables were put outside behind the Community House. The people enjoyed the fresh air and country setting but with concerns about the weather, a large tent was erected over the two serving lines. It was not long before the block building was built to house the serving lines and the heating of the meat in the side wing. A shed was built for the stew making and a sandwich stand was placed alongside the chopping shed. This cluster of buildings served well into the 1970?s.

In 1979, the year of the 50th anniversary, the Barbecue Committee made the decision to build several new buildings to improve the flow on Barbecue Day and cooking days. Like in the beginning, several church members that were considered to be “jacks of all trades” were put in charge of getting these built. It was a sight to see! The old chopping shed, stew area and sandwich stand were torn down and replaced with the long screened cooking hall. The stew received a new and improved station and the sandwich stand occupied the front of the building. A lot of the old timers of Mallard Creek will remember the old 2 stall bathroom house! Everyone was glad when the new bathroom building was built.

The Mallard Creek Barbeque has been blessed with outstanding weather on Barbeque Day with the exception of only several rainy days. It was during one such day that a big yellow and white striped tent was added to the compound. The tent was greatly appreciated and served its purpose for a number of years.The newest additions to the barbeque grounds have given us the ability to keep serving during inclement weather. These include the covered eating area beside the serving building and the covered drive up lanes. A new and much improved wash area has been completed along with a loading ramp for easy access to the holding trailers on barbeque day.

Once again, the construction of these structures was done with volunteer help. It was amazing to see the original barbeque workers handing over the reins of these projects to the next generation. That is how and why the Annual Mallard Creek Barbeque will continue on in the years to come.

The Barbeque Committee sends thanks to everyone that has been a part, be it small or large, in this fellowship building activity of Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church. We also once again extend the invitation to anyone who has not participated to join with us this year. You will be glad you did!

Ann Christenbury Carroll – July 2009

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