The BBQ at Fifty – 1979

Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church – Barbecue News – 1929-2009

In 1979 the Mallard Creek Barbecue celebrated the 50th year! What an accomplishment for a church located out in the country. From humble beginnings of two pigs and a goat barbecued for a church fund raiser, the annual event had become a major undertaking. It now took almost a full week prior to prepare for the big day. By the 1970’s the amount of meat cooked had increased to 4,800 pounds. The slaw was 2,000 pounds and the Brunswick stew was 250 gallons. The profit amount had increased to over $15,000 a year. The church was able to build the chapel/education wing with Sunday School rooms and a manse for the minister’s family. The new sanctuary was built in 1957. In the early 1970’s the Activities Building with a full size gym, kitchen and dinning hall, and meeting rooms was completed. All of these buildings were funded and paid in full by the proceeds from 50 years of Barbecue Days!

Here are a few pictures from the 1979, 50th Year barbecue. See how many people you can name!

Mallard Creek Barbecue at 50, picture 1

Mallard Creek Barbecue at 50, picture 2

Mallard Creek Barbecue at 50, picture 3

Ann Christenbury Carroll – June 2009

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