Photos from 2014 MCPC Barbecue

KEN_9451 KEN_9452 KEN_9456 KEN_9457 KEN_9458 KEN_9469 KEN_9466 KEN_9465 KEN_9462 KEN_9460 KEN_9459 Paul B and Ken Christenbury Barbara Cottrell, Cristina Moore, Susan Hornung, Jim Presslar Darrell Thomas, Aimee Carte Donnie Oehler Jimmy Walker,Jo Ann & Donl Prince KEN_9392 Take Out-2 Suggie-AJ Shawn Barkley, Craven Oehler Shawn loves ground Polly & Jimmy Walker, JoAnn & Don Prince KEN_9393 Bob Oehler Brenda Oehler-Tina Haas-Sue Oehler Donna Brikshire, Brenda Oehler & Annette Moss Donnie Oehler Family--2014  8.5x11 Ino Daffin Larry Oehler,Beth Patafio, Britt M, Kerri Wass Sharon & David Richards David-R Sharon Richards, Janice Morgan, Suggie Chirstenbury Reese Untz Mary Kostrzynski,    , Reagan Thomas, Ethan Holt Linda & Jim  Presslar, Nina Brown, Carolyn Stubbs Fire KEN_9362 Kenneth Helms, Reese Untz Sarah  DeArmon, Amy Oehler, Vicki Robbins KEN_9414 KEN_9420 Julie & Sug James Killian-2 Darrell Thomas Ann Carroll Wayne Beard Lisa Oehler Cookie & Paul Lynn Oehler Paul Christenbury Shawn & Ann Susie Oehler

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