Supporting Companies

We would like to thank the many companies who support our Barbecue year after year.


IFH Food Service Distributors

heritage propane

Heritage Propane

allied waste

Allied Waste Services

sunbelt rentals

Sunbelt Rentals

mcgee bros

McGee Brothers

oehlers bbq

Oehler’s Mallard Creek BBQ


Merita Bread Company



faulk bros

Faulk Brothers Hardware

Martin Marietta Materials

Martin Marietta Materials


C & M Recycling





TN Tucker Plumbing

Walker Marketing, inc.

mecklenburg county police
dennis carpenter

2 thoughts on “Supporting Companies

  1. As a new resident I heard about your BBQ on the news – but no one gave out address information. I found the church but there was nothing there but signs with arrows that pointed in two different directions … Some pointed straight some pointed left. I drove around the area for almost 45 minutes and had finally decided to go home (back towards Davidson, NC) it was only out of my frustration and desire to take the most direct route back home that I stumbled across the BBQ.

    I think it is very shortsighted to think that everyone automatically know where this event takes place – especially not having signs at the church to tell people exactly where to go. It felt just as cold as sitting in the church pew, signing the visitor sheet, and still not having one person greet me.

    Good luck on your BBQ, but don’t forget about the people “outside” your circle

    • We are sorry that you had so much trouble finding our Barbecue. We’re glad that you did find our website and sent us a message regarding your frustrations, and again, we are truly sorry for this. We will definitely take your experience into consideration while planning for next year’s event.

      However, for your future reference, while on our barbecue website you may want to check out the fourth link in our horizontal main menu that is labeled “Directions”. There you will find the address of the Community house where we have the Barbecue, as well as a submit form that you can enter an address and get customized (Google Map) directions straight from the address to the event.

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