Working on the Serving Line

Some of the most venerable ladies in Mallard Creek history have worked on our serving line, creating delicious plates for folks who want to eat on the grounds and have fellowship with their food!  Esther Oehler, Jackie Oehler, Ethel Ranson, the list goes on.

While we do have some folks who migrate back to this line every year (including but not limited to Sharon Kimrey, Jackie Oehler if her health allows, Debbie Killian, Marlene Alexander Strong, Amber Kimrey, myself), we are always hoping to recruit other folks (men, you’re allowed to work alongside us if you like to chat!) to help serve and greet the guests.  Feel free to add a comment or send me an email if you’d like to volunteer on the serving line.  We love adding to our ranks (and we’re a very fun crew to work with).

See you on October 23th, 2014, 9a bright and early!

6 thoughts on “Working on the Serving Line

  1. Every year I look forward to working the serving lines at the barbecue. I, too, would love to see some handsome fellas working with us. Of course, this invitation excludes Jonathan Halter and Andy Spittle because we need them bringing us stew and slaw. :- )

  2. I’m looking forward to getting back into the serving line and my old place (brunswick stew) for at least a few hours. Such a great way to meet and greet people. And yes, I like men also. They look so strong carrying the food to the serving line.

  3. Virginia-we also need Eddie Garrison and Tracy Pope on that crew to bring us stuff, right? =)

    Jackie-it’s always an honor to work alongside you-you have your space as long as you’ll have it!! I do hope that cowbell is still in storage, though. =)

  4. Heck yes, Brandon-it’s actually a great pile of food for $9! We make sure no one leaves hungry. And if it makes you feel better, the money raised goes to missions and the church building fund. =)

  5. It is evident that ‘Brandon’ hasn’t had the pleasure of enjoying the BBQ!

    My family looks forward to the BBQ each year. I buy extra to freeze to enjoy later!

    Keep up the wonderful work and may the BBQ’s success be blessed greater each year.

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